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Keep the Magic Alive with Our Remapping Service

Preserve the Magic: Why Remapping Matters

At Jolly Holiday Shows, we understand that change is inevitable, and so is the desire to refresh your outdoor projection mapping experience. Whether it's upgrading your projector, moving to a new home, or simply re-imagining your outdoor space, these changes can impact the precision and beauty of your projection mapping show. That's where our Remapping Service comes in.

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Remapping Service

Personalized Consultation

Our experienced team will work closely with you to understand your new setup, including the type of projector, its placement, and your specific requirements.

Adjustment and Calibration

We'll meticulously adjust the projection angles, distances, and content to perfectly fit your new configuration.

Seamless Transition

Our goal is to make the remapping process hassle-free for you. We'll take care of the technical details, so you can continue enjoying your show without interruption.

Pricing and How to Get Started

At Jolly Holiday Shows, we want to make remapping your projection show as convenient as possible. We offer flexible pricing to suit your needs, whether it's in the off-season or during peak season.

Off-season Remapping (80% of Original Show Price)

During the off-season, you can refresh your show at a discounted rate. Our offseason remapping service is priced at 80% of the original show's cost, allowing you to keep the magic alive without breaking the bank.

In-season Remapping (Full Show Price)

For those who want to update their show during the peak season, we're here for you. Our in-season remapping service is available at the full price of the original show, ensuring that your projection mapping remains as breathtaking as ever, exactly when you want it.

Request a Remapping

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