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Want to create your own shows?

​How do you do THAT...??  Lumens... aspect ratios...

It can be daunting getting into Projection Mapping! 
The good news is there are many options for any budget to get started with digital decorating.

Here are some options for you to check out


Online Courses & Tutorials​

Davinci Resolve

PROJECTION MAPPING ACADEMY demystifies projection mapping, and uses FREE software called Davinci Resolve. It’s a great course for beginners. And they have a 30 day money back guarantee.

Adobe After Effects

A comprehensive course on projection mapping, including hardware and projector setup. And creating shows in Adobe After Effects


What Projector Do I need?

Let's keep it simple
You'll want to look for 3 main things, when looking at projectors that will work well. Lumens, Resolution, Throw

  • LUMENS- You'll want to get as high of lumens your budget will allow. At least 3000 ANSI Lumens. Most go with one closer to 4000 Lumens.

  • RESOLUTION - The higher the better, but mostly users go with one that is 1920x1080

  • THROW - Without getting into the details, you will likely want a 'short-throw' projector. Which will allow you to be closer to the house, and still get complete coverage.

Here are the most popular projectors for residential projection mapping:
Optoma ZH406ST

Optoma GT1090HDRx

Optoma EH412STx

*One word of caution. If the price is too good to be true, it probably is. Cheaper projectors will play with the wording to make it look like it has high lumens and resolution.  For lumens make sure they are ANSI lumens. Otherwise you'll see claims of 10,000 lumens that aren't really as bright as a 4000 ANSI lumen projector. Or if it says it supports 1080, it probably doesn't natively project in 1080. Look for the word "Natively".

All in One System

Luxedo & Luxlink

Want to have everything (hardware & software) in one purchase? Luxedo is the only company (so far) that is offering a complete comprehensive package.

Luxedo includes

  • Projector

  • Weather and theft proof casing

  • Software to create shows

  • Audio streaming capabilities (no FM transmitter needed)

  • Bluetooth

  • Show player & scheduler

  • Supports multiple projectors

  • etc

What we recommend is their Luxedo V2 (aka LuxOmni) product, as it uses an Optoma projector for best quality and brightness. You can use the projectors recommended above, with LuxOmni

Reviews & Tutorials

Projection Mapping Assets (Vids, Pics, Audio etc)

Find and prepping assets (pics, textures, videos etc) takes a lot of time and effort.

We've collected a variety of files, that we'd like to share with the community. We'll be sharing and adding new files monthly on our Patreon Community.
$3 a month to get access to images and textures!
$9 a month also gets you video assets
$25 a month you get 25% off our shows, and access to all assets.


Awesome digital effects for Halloween, Christmas and more!


Envato Elements has SOOO many cool assets. Templates, graphics, videos, audio etc.


AtmosFX is the most popular place to buy digital decorations. They can be used for projection mapping, but also with smaller projectors for simple effects. Such as adding holiday scenes to your windows. They release new products throughout the year.


Production Crate is another great place to find video, pics, audio effects for all your projects. Holidays and otherwise. 

Trusted Partners

Jester Logo.png

Jester Laughs is another place to find projection shows. They specialize in Halloween and Christmas, have predesigned and custom built shows.

Show examples:

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