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July through December is the busy season for us, which can affect our ability to turn around shows quickly with high quality. 

  • If you have questions, check our FAQ videos first, to see if we already have the answer to your question there. Here are some popular ones

  • If you are using Luxedo or LuxOmni, you can refer to my playlist for tutorials. If the answer isn't there, please contact Luxedo directly.

  • Questions please direct to I'll try my best to reply in a timely manner. 

  • We'll send a test video using your map or snapshot. Once you've signed off on that test, no changes should be made to projector placement, settings etc. Or we may have to charge additional money to do rework.

  • I expect some adjustments when we send you your video. Please try to consolidate any requests for adjustments into 1 request. So we can get your video ready quickly.

  • Adjustments are limited to 2 revisions. Beyond 2 revisions may require an additional fee for the time needed.

  • Video files will be stored for 1 month, then deleted to save space. Please download and save your video promptly.

*Off season discounts available, if you reach out before July 1st.


Haunted House



Baird Manor



Abandoned House






~ More Facades Coming Soon ~

Custom Show

To do a custom project, fill out the form below and we'll come up with a quote. To browser samples of shows we've done, you can look through this playlist on our channel

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